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Chris Bean
Group President and CEO

In the world of marketing and training, Chris is the perfect storm: fast, powerful and full of creative energy. (He’s also the inspiration for our company logo.) Chris has more than 25 years of experience in business communications, including marketing, performance improvement/training, consumer events and business meetings and shows. As the team’s fearless leader, Chris keeps his finger on the pulse of all account teams and departments, ensuring ES3’s core beliefs and expectations are executed throughout the organization. Chris’ passion for the team at ES3 is second only to his passion for the business. As Group President, Chris works alongside all of ES3’s partner companies to ensure we are maximizing opportunities and efficiencies, paving the way for ES3’s strong future.


Jason Baranowski

With 15 years of experience in training, marketing and communications, Jason is passionately devoted to all things retail automotive. He has worked closely to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with over 20 automotive brands, including Kia, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Audi and General Motors. With an insightful understanding of his clients’ objectives, brands, products and audiences — as well as a keen understanding of the ever-changing marketplace — Jason (JB) helms an innovative team that prides itself on powerful, measurable solutions. And, his strategic vision and eye for perfection is evident in every program ES3 produces. JB stands for everything that’s great about ES3: responsibility, creativity and an endless dedication to every job.


Angie Avripas
Chief Operations Officer

Angie has over 15 years of experience in the automotive marketing field and has built a metric ton of strong client and employee relationships along the way. She is a talented leader with an incredible work ethic and a sharp eye for re-engineering process. Her ability to lead teams, remain focused under extreme pressure and anticipate change is second to none. With a keen understanding of how all of ES3’s departments and accounts operate, Angie is dedicated to continually improving the quality of work life for those employed at ES3, as well as the quality of account services provided to our clients.


Ben Giovanelli, CPA
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Ben’s background as a certified public accountant with 21 years in finance – 16 of which were spent running the business support function for complex, inter-related service organizations – makes him the perfect fit for ES3’s executive team. All back-end business operations and support functions report up to Ben, whose primary responsibility is everything related to legal, tax, finance and insurance. The CFO position at ES3 also means Chief Food Officer/Chief Fun Officer, and no one throws a better tailgate. Ben’s ribs and chicken are legendary.


John Crawford
Senior Partner, Product & Retail SME

John serves as ES3’s key subject-matter expert in the retail and product development of every initiative. He has more than 35 years of experience in all areas of the automotive business, from manufacturing to retail sales, from service technician to rally-racing driver, from program designer to professional facilitator. He has an engineering background, and his depth of knowledge and experience is crucial to all areas of program design and implementation.


Jeff Lewis
Chief Creative Officer

Jeff has been in the marketing, shows, events and training business for more than 20 years. He has held senior creative roles across the country, thanks to a creative management style that fosters and celebrates outrageous thinking and ideas. His experience spans the automotive spectrum, in addition to non-automotive market leaders such as General Dynamics, Marriott, and L3 Communications.